Original Designs

Sterling Studio Original Designs

The Sterling Studio Original Designs, in addition to Custom Commissioned Designs, are why the Sterling Studio really stands apart.
Some pieces may remain “One of a kind.”  They might become part of a Series where the same construction method is used but since these are all made by hand or with a different stone, they will all look different.  Some pieces are cast in small Run batches and then finished differently by hand in-house.  Other pieces may be part of a constantly growing Collection, are usually cast and therefore are the most uniform looking pieces offered here.  Some designs may become “Collages” of already existing pieces of ready made jewelry items. 

~ALL designs made by the Sterling Studio always and solely belong to the Sterling Studio~
Below are just a few samples of these Sterling Studio Original pieces. See our “Shop” for more.

Sterling Studio Lapis Bead Pea Pod Cuff Bracelet – One of a Kind

Sterling Studio pair of Green Tourmaline Earrings – One of a Kind

Sterling Studio Sterling Sapphire and Pearl Hinged Snake Necklace – One of a Kind

Sterling Studio EleGator One of a Kind

Sterling Studio Chakra Pendants –
Part of a Run a Series and a Collection

Sterling Studio Carnelian Ring – One of a Kind, one of a Series

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