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Sterling Studio Privacy Policy

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about the Sterling Studio~

The Sterling Studio will always and solely own all the designs created here.  They all may be pictured here on this website or in any other Sterling Studio publications.

The Sterling Studio went online out of necessity.  Face to face, free, cash commerce is easier, cheaper and preferred here but clearly the world is going in a different direction.  Now data and information must be collected. 

The only information kept here is the information needed to assist you, complete your transaction and to guarantee we receive payment.  Your purchase history will only be used to maintain business records and will not be sold, tracked or used for any solicitation.

The Sterling Studio is hoping not to have to use any analytics or algorithms to conduct online business.  If later it becomes a necessity, it ill be put in print here before hand.

The Sterling Studio uses the same in-store and online Credit Card processor which is also our bank – so there are no “middle hands” meddling into your data on this end.  Your card and your bank may have more interaction on their end.  The Sterling Studio never gets any of your credit/debit card information except your expiration date to help link to transactions and even then – only – if your transaction needs “after purchase attention”. 

The Sterling Studio does all things possible to protect this site, its information and your information, it does not:

  • Take responsibility for any information/data that Google, Web Browsers, WordPress, Banks or Processors gather and/or track.
  • Solicit anyone anywhere.
  • Sell your information to anyone for any purpose. 

Online purchases are your choice to make.  They involve much more risk than shopping in person which is why the Sterling Studio still has an actual, physical brick and mortar shop and you are welcome here.  See the “Call Home” page for address, hours etc., or click on the link below.