Privacy Policy

Sterling Studio Privacy Policy

~KNOW THIS about the Sterling Studio~

The Sterling Studio went online out of necessity.  Now data and information must be collected when business is no longer conducted face to face. 

The only information kept by the Sterling Studio is the information needed to assist you, complete your transaction and to guarantee we receive payment in full.  Your purchase history will only be used to maintain internal business records and will not be sold, tracked or used for any solicitation.

The Sterling Studio uses Square processing services.  The Sterling Studio never sees any of your credit/debit card information.

The Sterling Studio does all things possible to protect this site, its information and your information, it does not:

  • Take responsibility for any information/data that Google, Web Browsers, WordPress, Banks or Processors gather and/or track.
  • Solicit anyone anywhere.
  • Sell your information to anyone for any purpose.
  • It does NOT take any responsibility for items shipped to addresses that do not have secure reception arrangements.  

Online purchases are your choice to make.