Refund and Returns Policy

Sterling Studio Return/Refund Policy

The Sterling Studio refund and return policy only applies if an item shipped has a manufacturing defect.  The return/refund window for manufacturing defects lasts 30 days from date of shipping. The Sterling Studio will not accept any returns or issue any refunds otherwise.  All other sales are FINAL.  The Sterling Studio is not re-stocking any “Sidelines” once they are gone.  The Sterling Studio will only be selling our own designs after all the Sidelines are sold.  The Sterling Studio does not offer store credit in lieu of refunds.

To be eligible for a return, your item must:

  • Be brand new, unused and in the same condition in which it was shipped.
  • The tag/s that came on it when you received it, must be intact and in place.
  • It must be returned in/with the complete original inner packaging and materials and with comparable or more protective outer packaging or condition in which it left the Sterling Studio.
  • A legible printed paper copy of the purchase receipt must accompany the return.

Manufacturing defects are solely up to the Sterling Studio to determine.  If your item’s inspection determines that it has not been damaged after purchase (see criteria below) and your return has met the above listed criteria for a qualified “Manufacturing Defect” return, then a refund (less shipping costs) will be issued or the item will be replaced (if we can) – it’s your choice.

*Sterling Silver is the Softest precious metal alloy you can readily buy as jewelry.  Not only does Sterling scratch easily, it also bends easily.* This is normal for Sterling Jewelry and not a legitimate cause for a return or a refund.  Think about your activity level when buying Jewelry and make your purchases accordingly and responsibly.

  • Excessive bending on the bottom of a ring can dislodge or damage a stone/s on the bottom, top and the sides of the ring.
  • Gloves, hand tools, carrying heavy items, hard to open containers or knobs, machine operation, abrasive surfaces and certain types of employment, hobbies or sports are hard on rings and bracelets – especially Sterling and thinner finer designs.  Keep this in mind and temporarily remove jewelry in these situations.  It can help you keep your pieces intact longer.
  • Wearing thinner, finer rings and bracelets on your non-dominant hand will help preserve them longer. 
  • Clorox, Bleach as well as many other harsh chemicals in general are NOT good for any jewelry or stone.
  • Not using the correct jewelry cleaner or misuse of correct jewelry cleaner can harm your pieces.  Chemicals come with labels – read them!
  • Longer chains can get caught more often in or on things but any chain can get snagged on rough fabrics.
  • Cuff bracelets are usually more expensive to fix than the original purchase price.  Getting one that fits you, makes a HUGE difference in the longevity of the cuff.  Prying a cuff open to put it on and squeezing it back together once it is on, will break your bracelet one day. That first bend, pry or squeeze is all it takes to damage the cuff.  Every bend after that just worsens the damage until one day it cracks.  While we do repair some cuff bracelets, there will always be issues with the repaired area.
  • Chain clasps and the attachment ring between the clasp and the chain can be pulled apart gradually over time or by hard yanks or tugs.  Try to remember to check those two areas seasonally if you are really active and/or wear it a lot.  Sleeping in your jewelry, sweaters or ‘snaggy’ clothing, high collars, scarves, some hats, kids, pets, shoulder straps and seat belts are hard on chains and earrings.
  • Post earring post backs can become loose over time.  Tightening them gently from time to time will keep them snug on the back of your ear.

We want you to be able to enjoy your purchase for a long, long time. 

~Remember “Jewelry is body adornment, not body armament”~


If you have a legitimate manufacturing defect and that item is returned, you will be notified that your item has arrived. Once it has been inspected and if you are approved for a “Manufacturing Defect” refund, then your refund will be processed immediately, and a refund, less the shipping amount, will be applied to your credit card or original method of payment as soon as the banks and the processors do their part.

Late or missing refunds

If you think you haven’t received a refund in a reasonable amount of time and you’ve checked your bank account thoroughly, remember two things:

  • Banks and processors DO NOT always work instantaneously as they advertise or promise they do.  We very often do not actually receive payment for 48 hours or longer even when the transaction has been posted.
  • The Sterling Studio is a VERY small business and there is only so much that can get done in a day.

    Call and you will be given the time, date and amount of the refund that was issued including any transaction ID information able to be obtained and shared in order to help your search.  Be sure to have your copies of all transaction information with you and prepared before you call.  We need to be sure that we are legitimately speaking with you, the purchaser, and about the correct item and transaction.

Shipping returns

To return your product:

MAIL TO:  P.O. Box 1536 – Dayton, Ohio 45401

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning any item.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.  If you receive a refund for a legitimate manufacturing defect, the cost of original shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your item/s to reach you may vary.

If you are returning more expensive items, it is recommended that you use a traceable shipping method for proof of mailing.

Need help?

TELEPHONE – 937 228 2278 Leave a message including both:

  1. The reason for your inquiry
  2. Your contact information

Messages are checked weekly.  Your call will be addressed shortly if your Sterling Studio jewelry inquiry is not already addressed in our outgoing message or online.

EMAIL –  Emails are usually addressed once weekly.