Sterling Studio Sideline chain selection has been carefully whittled down after over 30 years in the industry.  After selling, repairing and watching which chains hold up best and under what circumstances. These 8 chain styles, in our opinion, tend to the best looking, most complimentary, reliable precious metal chain styles on the market. The chains we provide are quality Sterling. All clasps are checked before our chains ship out to be sure they function well.  Sterling is the softest precious metal alloy you can buy – so it is easy to break. There are 3 common ways to harm your Sterling Chain. #1) Stressing the clasp area. #2) Catching, bending or crushing the actual link area. #3) Kinking. There are two styles of chain that we sell that can kink, #1) Square link and #2) Square Link R. Both are beautiful, offer a more solid and smooth appearance, are reliable and reasonably durable for a precious metal chain. The rest of our chain selection has a more open appearance, are beautiful, complimentary, reliable and reasonably durable for a precious metal chain – but they do not kink – which eliminates some potential damage to a chain. The prices on our chains and may vary and are subject to change with market prices.  We have the standard lengths available in varying weights.  We do not recommend or sell super fine chains.  If you don’t want to have to think about picking the right chain, just tell us #1) Which pendant you are selecting and #2) What length chain you want, and we will pair your pendant selection with our best chain for you.

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